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In the end, equity cases spurred policy change to minimize funding inequities. The following section describes the decision in Rodriguez and examines examples of the different approaches that advocates have used to advance school finance reform within states. The authors highlight some of the unintended outcomes, as well as the most positive aspects of the remedies, in order to inform a new framework for a potential federal right moving forward. While state legal cases have been powerful in closing spending gaps, litigation is inadequate. School funding advocates have won a slew of court cases over the past four decades. But allocating equal funding for every student does not guarantee that all students will have a rigorous educational experience.10 School finance reform must focus on the quality of every school, from the excellence of the instruction to the rigor of the classes. 

 These demographic similarities provided a relatively cohesive group for this study while allowing a comparison across countries. Value for money - fees for distance learning programmes are generally lower than on-campus programmes. You will also save on the cost of relocating to London to complete your degree. "Issues in Distance Education book series from Athabasca University Press" By 2008, online learning programs were available in the United States in 44 states at the K-12 level. Special Pandemic Issue Of The Journal online Learning Part 3: How .. Legitimate schools in the United States receive their accreditations from organizations, like the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Students who are in doubt can learn more about accrediting bodies in the United States at the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Do former students complain about the quality of the education, about not being able to get a job after graduation or some other red flag issue?


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