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The legal obligation of parents to provide support for their children until they become self-sufficient forms the basis of entitlement for such study grants. Since Rodriguez, state litigation and legislative action have increased awareness of the importance of fiscal equity in education. Much can be learned from these efforts, and it is clear that neither equity nor adequacy alone is enough. Looking forward, federal, state, and local governments should learn from certain states’ successes in order to develop funding systems that focus on quality and outcomes. States must set clear expectations, align funding and programming with these standards, and recognize the extra support that disadvantaged students need in terms of effective programs. Finally, policymakers and school funding advocates must ensure equitable access to early childhood programs and other programs that offer child care.

The NCAA, the main governing body of US collegiate sports, hosts 90 championships in 24 sports, which see more than 57,000 total participants each year. College sports generated $18.9bn (£13.6bn) in 2019, according to the NCAA, but athletes are unpaid. Nine Supreme Court Cases to Watch This Term Public opinion is closely divided on health care, voting, religion and gay rights cases. Should momentum continue in the current direction, the landscape of collegiate sports could be altered beyond recognition.

This means that it must take immediate and progressive steps to fully realise the right to education and must not take retrogressive measures. Beyond Capitol Hill, courts have weighed in on coronavirus relief by blocking a a controversial Education Department rule requiring public school districts to share more of the federal Covid aid with private schools. District Judge Dabney Friedrich in Washington, D.C.,ruledthat then-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos misinterpreted Congress's intent when she drafted an interim rule for how CARES Act dollars should be spent. "Given the novel context created by the COVID-19 pandemic, an activity need not have generated such evidence during the COVID-19 pandemic to be considered evidence-based," the guidance explains. Anew website features best practices for using the relief aid to reopen schools safely and support the academic and social emotional needs of students.


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