Online Learning & Distance Learning ..what's The Difference?

Distance learning and our online courses allow you to study wherever you are, arranging your studies around your work or family life. You learn using study materials and online learning resources that are designed for active learning. You can also connect with other students around the world via your Virtual Learning Environment .

The school eventually changed names and was forced to cease operations on March 31, 2009 after a failed attempt to become accredited. The awarding of college credit by means of prior learning assessment portfolio, credit by examination and recommendations from the American Council on Education, is a commonplace occurrence at thousands of legitimate accredited colleges and universities. A diploma mill, or degree mill, is a fake company that provides fraudulent college and university certificates and transcripts to people for a fee. Some masquerade as legitimate higher education institutions that award degrees to students, while others merely sell degrees for cash.

Education Reforms By Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government:

The purpose of this is to break down the historical legacy of the homelands and reserves policies, which forced the black African population onto just 13% of South Africa’s land, enforcing racial segregation. Land reform is critical for promoting equity, addressing past injustices, and providing sustainable rural livelihoods. This slow rate of change can be attributed to the protracted negotiations that take place within the current ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ system. There have been allegations that white farmers are only offering their worst land for sale and asking way over market value. There have been counter-allegations that the state is not offering reasonable payment.

However, this study did not ask why students were interested in MOOCs or other types of DE courses. In the UAE, most DE courses and programs are not accredited by the Ministry of Education , which may account for UAE students lack of experience and their inability to judge this type of instruction. The use of participants from three countries allows the study of trends and to determine differences and/or similarities of perceptions about DE. Although the students were enrolled in courses in diverse content areas, they were all undergraduates, almost all under 30 years old, and most were confident using the computer and Internet.


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